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    Keep your hair looking full of lustre and life.
    Everything you need: from daily doses of hydration to special treatments that nourish deep into hair with beautiful results.

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    Luxurious regenerating products devised to win back even skin tone and protect from reappearance of dark spots.
    Caviar extract (a wealth of marine nutrients), Shea Butter, Multifruit Titrated Extracts, Ferula Foetida Extract and Sesame Seed Oil work in perfect synergy with powerful synthetically derived functionals.

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    Landscape feature of southern Italy, lemon’s properties are highly considered since ancient practitioners: not only excellent antiseptic and bactericide, its employ in cosmetics helps to clean skin and lighten its colour.
    And what about its fragrance? Fresh and sparkling, lemon scent has an excellent deodorizing action.

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    Discover the base products for a perfect, natural looking skin. Here you will find colours that closely match dark skin tones, textures that even out your complexion and give you a beautiful glow.
    Try the magic of our Concealers: you’ll be surprised how they can make you looking flawless and bright.

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    NEW "LEMON +"

    Lemon +

    Lemon +

    Lemon +

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    No doubt Vitamin C is very effective in reducing wrinkles, improving the production of collagen and brightening skin tone. Unfortunately, conventional Vitamin C is unstable in cosmetic preparations as it is easily oxidized and destroyed.
    Vitamin C Ethyl employed in our products is free from those unstabilities as it is metabolized as pure Vitamin C in the body.

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    Targeted products conceived to preserve and to restore the beauty of your skin.
    Because good skin is your first makeup.